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International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women - 25.11.20

Used shooting range target stand figures from a range of small arms painted in acrylic

A woman on the floor

Woman down the floor

Living Room

House full of Objects that collected over the years and gather together up everywhere. when House become a Home.

Acrylic on canvas 60x80 cm

Living Room

Garbage bouquet

Food scraps for the composter in a vase . Staged photography

Garbage flowers

Still life

Kitchen utensils and fresh pastries. Staged photography

Still life

Lotar's life

Lotar's bag

Sunday mist


Tribute to Whistler's mother

A staged Photograph of a set as the famous painting of  James McNeill Whistler

Whistler's Mother

Creatures of the Green house

Acrilic Wall painting 

Light The Darkness

series of 4:  acrilic on canvas 20x20 cm

Bunny Woman

The grotesque painting consists of a mixture of parts of plants, animals, humans, monsters, various objects - without maintaining proportions and without perspective, although sometimes while maintaining symmetry.

Actually, it's a certain kind of artistic image, based on a combination of fantasy and reality, ugly and beautiful, tragic and comic and the main factor that determines what is grotesque, is the contrast of these images.

Grotesque painting challenges the'beautiful painting'.  It operates according to alternative, anarchic logic, disrupts order and undermines accepted perceptions. The grotesque lexicon includes, among other things, the caricature, the excess, the monstrous, the perverted and the absurd. 

Rabbit Bunny Woman, oil on canvas, 80x60

"Because of you" markers on paper

because of you

Abstract water color

water color2_edited.jpg
water color1

Mythology pens on paper

Mythology Pens on paper

Hand made guitar.   

built: Eitan Yerushalmy. Painted: Gali Kahn Yerushalmy

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